Filezilla - Introduction to Using FTP
Video Tutorial

Duration: 7 min 15 secs - File size: 7.5MB

Video Summary:

  • This video outlines how to locate, download and install Filezilla, a free FTP client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X 10.5+
  • Get familiar with the function of each of the main windows - server messages, your HD navigation, remote server navigation, and transfer messages.
  • File / Site Manager - enter and save the FTP login details for your domain name - usually the same username and password as for your cPanel login.
  • Once you connect to your server, you should be in the top most directory of the server in the right hand window.
  • Double-Click on the public_html folder to go to your main (root) directory. It is from this directory that your web pages are served.
  • To transfer files and folders from your computer to your server, simply click on the file/folder in the left hand window (your computer), hold the mouse down, and then drag the file/folder over to the right hand (server) window, and then release the mouse button to start the upload (transfer).
  • The bottom window outlines the progress of all the files being transferred.
  • While you are here... locate your WordPress directory (if installed in its own directory) and double click on it.
  • Now double click on the wp-content folder - you'll see plugins and themes. It is into these two folders that you will transfer your plugins and themes from your hard drive to activate them in WordPress.

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