WordPress 2.5 Essential Initial Configuration
Video Tutorial

Duration: 9 min 40 secs - File size: 12.1MB

Video Summary:

  • This video outlines the essential changes you must make to your initial WordPress installation
  • Changes reflect some security and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) considerations
  • Settings/General - Change your Time Zone
  • Settings/Writing - Increase size of post box
  • Settings/Writing - Update Services (will do shortly)
  • Settings/Reading - Blog Pages / Syndication Feeds These settings should reflect your frequency of posting. If you do several posts a day, change these settings (particularly the Syndication Feeds setting) to 20 or perhaps even 30. If you post only every other day, leave them at 10.
  • Settings/Discussion - TICK the option for "Before a Comment Appears An administrator must ALWAYS approve the comment"
  • Settings/Privacy - Block the search engines - while you are setting up the site initially. Unblock them when you are ready to launch!
  • Settings/Permalinks - Improve your SEO by selecting "Custom Structure" and entering /%postname%/ in the field next to it. This then shows the full post name, with your keywords, in the final URL for each page.
  • From the Plugins option, Activate Akismet to catch spam. You WILL need to get a WordPress.com API key for this stage.
  • Manage / Link Categories - change the name "Blogroll" to "Links"
  • Manage / Categories - add new categories which suit the structure of your site.
  • Manage / Links - delete all the default links and set up some of your own.
  • LEAVE the sample post, page and comment in place until your add your own content. Then remove them.

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