WordPress 2.5 - Changing Themes
Video Tutorial

Duration: 9 min 14 secs - File size: 10 MB

Video Summary:

  • This video explains the concept of themes and how changing themes can give your web site a totally different look (easily).
  • Check Brian Gardner.com for a good selection of free and paid themes.
  • How to upload your (unzipped) theme files using Filezilla to your /wp-content/themes directory, and activate the chosen theme within WordPress (Design tab)
  • Upload two plugins to the /wp-content/plugins folder (read the readme file with each plugin to find out what to upload)
  • The custom theme I wanted had "problems" with the layout... so now I have to go "fiddle" with the php files in the theme to work out what's going wrong... more on that in the next video.

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