What Does Akismet Do?
Video Tutorial

Duration: 5 min 19 secs - File size: 9.5MB

Video Summary:

  • This video explains WHY you need some sort of spam protection for your WordPress Installation
  • The WordPress plugin Akismet comes standard with WordPress 2.5 + and is definitely worth installing.
  • A WordPress.com API key is needed to activate this plugin.
  • The range of examples shown demonstrate how prolific the problem of comment and trackback spam is.
  • It's worth checking your spam queue at least once a week to determine if Akismet accidentally trapped any genuine comments.
  • However authentic they might look, most trackback spam is NOT worth acknowledging with a return link from your site.
  • Check each originating site if in doubt, and decide whether YOU would really want to link back to it.

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