WordPress 2.5 - Making Changes To Your Theme
Video Tutorial

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Video Summary:

  • This video investigates the right and wrong ways to make changes to your WordPress Themes.
  • Multiple posts and pages were added to the site (actually cut and pasted from the original "static" site we are planning on replacing)
  • This makes the "testing" process easier and more realistic - so we can see how the theme is "behaving" under a range of "normal" conditions (including adding fake comments etc)
  • It's time to overcome ANY fears you may have about dabbling with php or HTML code... because MOST themes will need you to get into the code to change things around to suit your site!
  • The WRONG way of changing your theme pages is to do it LIVE on the server using the Design/Theme Editor - you are playing with certain disaster here if you make a boo-boo.
  • The CORRECT way to make changes to a theme is to work on a DUPLICATE copy of your theme on your local computer, using either NotePad or WordPad as your editing tool.
  • Make small changes one at a time and upload using FTP (Filezilla)
  • Then refresh browser to test the latest changes.
  • Suggest even make MUTLIPLE (progressive) copies of your theme folder EACH TIME you make a change... in case you need to go back to the most recent previous version if/when you make a mistake!

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