WordPress 2.5 - Advanced Theme Changes Using Custom Pages
Video Tutorial

Duration: 9 min 55 secs - File size: 13.5 MB

Video Summary:

  • This video demonstrates how to create custom php pages to combine static and dynamic content on your WordPress site.
  • If present, a home.php page in your template will be displayed instead of the default index.php page.
  • The content of this new home page can be a blend of fixed text and dynamic php commands - for example, to display items from specific categories as part of the actual page (something that can't easily be done with "normal" posts or pages).
  • Other custom page templates have also been created for this theme to demonstrate how to blend page content and dynamic content (select which page template to use - default or custom - from the BOTTOM of your add new page screen).
  • Modifications to the sidebar were also made to EXCLUDE certain categories from being displayed there.
  • This type of custom work on your theme can transform a typical blog into a more interesting experience for your visitors.
  • Note the use of keywords in the anchor text used for the internal links.
  • Note also that contact details are now available on ALL pages of the site because they were included in the sidebar.php file
  • Suggest you get over to codex.wordpress.org and check out some of the great things you can do with WordPress.
  • For example, find out how to create special template pages for different categories or creating your own page templates for starters.

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